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MSCA STAR® - a designation that ensures quality mechanical system service and maintenance

MSCA STAR excellence achievement designation is a qualifications program recognizing the top mechanical service contractors. Established in 2003 by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America, MSCA STAR contractors have successfully passed an extensive, independent evaluation of key requirements that indicate that they are the best in the industry at delivering top-quality service.  

Hire the best! Find out why you should hire an MSCA STAR for your next mechanical system repair, maintenance or retrofit project.

Why MSCA STAR is Important to Your Building
MSCA STAR Requirement Why it's important to your business or facility
Proven track record in HVACR or plumbing service business MSCA STARs have proven they know the business and have succeeded in providing customers with quality work.
Involved in the industry for a minimum of five years MSCA STARs are dedicated to the HVACR industry — and their customers — for the long term.
A minimum of 25% of the service technicians hold UA STAR certification The technicians working on your facility are the best trained in the business and prove it by passing a rigorous exam. UA STAR is the only technician certification program in the HVACR industry that is ANSI-accredited and ISO 9000 certified.
Documented service safety and health program and maintain an outstanding safety record You can rest assured that the technicians working on your equipment follow approved safety protocol.
Provide ongoing educational training to employees Your contractor's entire staff — including technicians, service dispatchers, sales personnel and service managers — is constantly learning new skills and expanding their knowledge of the industry so they can better serve you.
Have employees attend at least one MCAA or MSCA sponsored national or local program each year MCAA and MSCA are recognized leaders in the HVACR industry for exceptional educational and training programs such as dedicated service manager training and comprehensive safety education programs.
Have an established truck inventory control system and major tool inventory program Ensures safe, effective and efficient workmanship and reliable service
Provide and require photo ID cards to be worn by all field personnel The contractor's technicians and other on-site personnel will be easily recognizable and allay any security concerns.
Maintain the highest level of customer service standards The MSCA STAR qualification process checks references with customers like you to ensure they have had a positive experience. This guarantees a timely and efficient response to your needs and ensures that your satisfaction is the contractor's top priority.

The bottom line is the MSCA STAR program has taken the guesswork out of hiring a mechanical system service contractor. When you use a MSCA STAR contractor, you know you are getting the best value, workmanship and customer service.

Created and backed by MSCA
Founded in 1975, the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) provides large and small heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration service contractors with management and marketing tools, training and education programs, and government and labor relations.

MSCA members have access to a wealth of business management, safety, labor and other educational publications, seminars, conferences and related resources. The result is contractors that are the best educated and prepared to serve their customers.

MSCA is a subsidiary of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America. MSCA STARs Focus on Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Facility Mechanical Systems
MSCA STAR contractors are dedicated to meeting the unique HVACR service needs of a wide variety of buildings. MSCA STAR contractors and their UA STAR-trained technicians have years of experience in servicing office buildings, schools, hospitals and other facilities.

By focusing on the non-residential customer, MSCA STAR contractors have a deep knowledge and understanding of critical issues that affect commercial, institutional and industrial building owners and operators. MSCA STAR contractors' experience in addressing issues such as tenant comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, cost savings and total building operations means your contractor is in tune with your needs, knows your equipment and has the ability to ensure your building is maintained and running efficiently. And they can easily customize service plans to meet your specific requirements.
The Value of UA STAR Certified Service Technicians
One of the requirements of attaining MSCA STAR status is having a workforce of at least 25% UA STAR certified service technicians. The UA STAR program is a HVACR service technician certification program backed by the United Association of the Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sprinklerfitting Industry of the United States and Canada.

UA STAR technicians have successfully passed a rigorous exam that ensures technicians have the training and knowledge necessary to complete the complex tasks associated with servicing, repairing, maintaining or retrofitting a wide variety of mechanical systems. To become UA STAR certified, technicians complete a 5-year apprentice training program and have on-the-job work experience.

This means you are being served by a trained, accomplished technician that has skills to do his or her job correctly, safely and efficiently.

The UA STAR program is the only technician certification program in the HVACR industry that is ANSI accredited and ISO 9000 certified.

To learn more about the benefits of using MSCA STAR contractors and UA STAR technicians, click here to download our brochure, Hire the Best - Hire a STAR.
Independent Program Evaluator
The MSCA STAR program is administered by the National ITC Corporation of Los Angeles, CA (NITC), an internationally recognized third-party agency. NITC reviews contractor applications and awards MSCA STAR to those that meet a review of their credentials. NITC also administers the UA STAR exam.

NITC is ISO 9002 certified and is an ANSI-accredited certifier serving the HVACR industry. NITC is non-discriminatory in accepting applications and issuing certifications to candidates regarding membership in any trade, association, union, etc., and is in compliance with Federal and State ADA regulations.
MSCA STARs Bring It All to the Job
As you can see, hiring an MSCA STAR contractor means you'll be getting the best in the industry to service your facility's mechanical system. Through their MSCA STAR qualification, you can rest assured your contractor:
  • Has an industry-leading safety record and technicians trained to do their jobs in the safest way possible
  • Provides reliable service through a documented, confirmed customer service program
  • Is staffed by a team of educated, trained professionals that are dedicated to serving your needs
  • Has the latest educational resources at their fingertips through their affiliation with MSCA
Ready to hire the best? Find an MSCA STAR Contractor in your area

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